the bonnet and the wedding ring _ the new story

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In my work I handle  objects of everyday folk life, dealing not only with their practical and aesthetical, but also symbolical and ceremonial functions. A bonnet. More concrete – fragments of bonnets from Horehronie called “kľuče”.  270 fragments of colorful embroidered textile pieces. I am focused in the question- which colors are embroided in them?

A bonnet – a formerly distinguishing sign for a married woman, which I transformed into a more current one: a ring. Handmade, using the current technologies and materials: a plastic – a phenomenon of nowadays, its worlwide mass, the visual mechanical blankness associated with impersonal in every part of it, is a medium for stark contrast with the sensitive, unique personality embodied in each of my products. The confrontation of these three approaches provides parallels and comparisons of values of two by several decades separated eras.

The installation contains from three lines- three rounds around the room. In the first line are exhibited original fragments, the second line contains from all colours based on an analysis of torsos, and in the third are rings in the same scale of colours .